NLP & Therapeutic Hypnosis

Therapeutic Hypnosis, or New Hypnosis, including the famous Milton Erickson’ Hypnosis, links to therapeutic techniques acting on the subconscious mind of the individual. It differs from conventional or show hypnosis by its gentle and non-intrusive methods. Thus, a hypnotherapist is quite different than a hypnotist.


As our automatic vital functions – breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion, etc. – are run by unconscious process, most of our behaviors are also under the supervision of the subconscious mind. We call them trends or habits. When they are settled in since a long time, we talk about characteristics of our personality. We argue that they have always been there and that we can’t change anything.

It can occur in one’s life that we desire to change, because we are exhausted of our bad habits. We imagine all the wonderful experiences that we still can live and all these wonderful people that we haven’t met yet. The good news is that we can always stop some behaviors to install new ones. With a clear understanding of desire mechanisms and with a little help, everything becomes possible.

The new hypnosis is efficient in nearly all behavior problems, such as: addiction, phobias, allergies, OCD, compulsion, sexuality disorders, sleeping problems, depression, etc. Using open suggestions, meaning to leave the choice to the subconscious mind, in the way which the changes will be operating, the hypnotherapist connects the individual with his deep resources.

Sit back and let your subconscious mind act, the tank of all possibilities!