About me

Hello everyone,dan15052016_2

I am hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, and passionate about neurosciences. As a behavioural specialist of individuals and groups, I invite everyone to increase benevolence in their┬ábehaviour and relationships, in order to spread this irresistible “goodwillness” all over.

In love with India since my very first trip in the 1980s, and involved in a personal sadhana, I am convinced that changing oneself is the first step to help changing others. 3 of my life teachings are: “the one who knows can not pretend he doesn’t know”, “what is not expressed is more important than what is expressed”, and “everything is perfectly in its own place.”

Coming from Brittany, France, I settle down for good in Auroville and currently looking forward to hear/read from you!

Talk to you soon!

Denis Capdeville