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Benevolence Training

A training to learn to become benevolent towards oneself and others, has an all particular place in today’s society in order to counter limiting programs that we have the habit of validating every day. benevolenceThe number of close friends or relatives, colleagues or managers, that are getting up in the morning feeling sad and coming back at night all stressed out, does not stop growing!

Some simple rules of cognitive stretching and psychological smoothening before even taken a shower or having breakfast, at home or at the workplace, can change the way one starts the day and thus an entire existence. These rules only need to be known and practiced on a regular basis!

Benevolence can be the main subject of an entire training course or can be added to any module of team building in a company. Actually any kind of training program can benefit of a benevolence program, just by integrating simple patterns of behaviour in order to be more efficient and better equipped for the day to day live in any company.


The length of the interventions in a company depends on the company’s needs. Theoretical classes as well as role plays will take place. An initial audit is often needed in order to create the right training for the company’s environment and its specific way of working.

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