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Trance or hypnotic mindset means a different state of consciousness than we are usually experimenting. It results from the mind’s capacity to dissociate. Several depths stages of trance exist.

20121228_150504During a day we are all experiencing small trances, alterations from our ordinary state of consciousness. Our attention lessens, we feel absorbed in an exclusive or monotonous activity, such as reading, watching a movie, walking, etc. that disconnects us from our environment, and we may fall into a hypnotic state. Sometimes, it’s when we go back to our ordinary attention that we understand how previously we were absorbed. Often, we go from one state to the other without even noticing.

Using simple exercises proposed by the hypnotherapist, a person may experience states of consciousness that one has always lived without noticing: dissociation, visualization, anchors, etc. These exercises are used to introduce open suggestions within the subconscious mind. These suggestions may be introduced by the hypnotherapist and later on by the person itself.20121216_120907

Thus, reducing negative self-talk, which could have been daily practice for many years, one will learn the practice of self-relevance and creative skills. Afterwards, one is proposed to practice permanently on its own.

The practice of the new hypnosis or self-hypnosis is useful for most behavioral disorders. Often 1 to 3 sessions are sufficient for changing. For deeper troubles, support can be supplied.

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