Therapeutic Hypnosis uses the person’s natural capacities to dissociate, meaning to be physically in one place and mentally in another.

When this dissociation happens and lasts, we call it trance. During the trance, the hypnotherapist may introduce open suggestions to the person’s subconscious mind, which will be treated as an opportunity for change.

Atelier_060413_HypnoseWhat is usually called hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis managed by the hypnotherapist. This is why you can participate in a workshop of self-hypnosis, to learn how to re-program your own subconscious mind.

The workshop lasts 3 hours and intends to show you how to work alone at home or anywhere. Each participant will leave the workshop with techniques and paper support.

A personalized follow up can be provided for those in need.

Location: Santé  Auroville Institute for Integral Health

Next workshop: coming soon

Reservations required at 95002 71460